Center City Communications provides world class customer advocacy to issues that may occur with 24/7 365 days a year. We provide one call resolution to all issues whether they be Telecommunications, Information Technology and Data Recovery and Backup related. We feel the measure of a company is one that stands behind its product as well as its customers. 


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Billing & Account Changes   (800) 843-9214

Billing and Payment

If you have a 9-digit account number

Call (800) 843-9214


If you have an account number with 7 digits or less

Call (800) 600-5050


Hosted Solutions

(919) 573-0700 and (877) 621-6666 (7 am to 6 pm CST)



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Customer Service: US/Canada: 800-890-1553




   Customer Service: 1-877-fonality




   Customer Support: 503-985-8298



  Customer Support: 855-363-6863


  Customer Service: 1 800-327-8454


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  Call 1-800-508-1254