Cloud phone system

For customers who choose a cloud based phone system, the softswitch, control panel and value-added services reside on servers that are located in our data centers and managed by us. This is also referred to as a Hosted PBX system. Most customers choose a multi-tenant deployment where multiple clients are securely supported by the same server, but others choose to have their softswitch on a dedicated server.

Usually, clients who choose a cloud phone system also get internet-based voice services from Fonality. However, clients who prefer it, can bring their own voice and utilize traditional phone lines or even VoIP service from another provider.

The only equipment you need onsite for our cloud phone system is the modem provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), a router, network switch(es) (if needed) and phones.



On-premises system

The on-premises deployment is very similar to the cloud deployment except that the server on which the softswitch is loaded is located at the client's location. This is also referred to as a Hybrid PBX system. As with the cloud deployment, clients can still select their choice of voice service, including VoIP from Fonality. The Control Panel and value added services are delivered over the Internet even if the switching functionality is on site. This means that even premise clients can still administer their system and enjoy features, like Heads Up Display, from anywhere.